WA Health Data Linkage Strategy

The WA Health Data Linkage Strategy is a plan to reform, modernise, simplify and improve access to health data – making it easier for researchers to use data to inform research that will ultimately benefit patients and the Western Australian community.

This innovative Department of Health strategy was officially launched by the Honourable Minister Stephen Dawson on 8 May 2023 at the ‘Science on the Swan’ conference, highlighting the vision of the Strategy to utilise and share linked data to enhance community outcomes by placing it at the forefront of the decision-making and research. A Media Statement was developed by the Minister’s office to mark the occasion.

Strategic documents are now available for download:

The activities and initiatives within the Strategy align with recommendations of the Data Linkage Expert Advisory Group’s ‘Review of Western Australia’s Data Linkage Capabilities’ (2016) and WA Health’s Sustainable Health Review (2019).

The Data Linkage Strategy and Reform Program contributes to the delivery of substantial digital transformation projects in alignment with the WA Digital Strategy 2021-25.