Data Linkage Services are subject to WA Department of Health information management and research governance policies and procedures. Applicants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with both the Information Management and Research Governance Policy Frameworks prior to submitting a request for data.

Please refer to the Department of Health Policy Frameworks page for more system-wide policy resources.

Materials on this page are available for download – please acknowledge the WA Department of Health as a source where applicable.


Information Management Policy Framework

  • Information Access, Use and Disclosure Policy – MP 0015/16
    • Information Access, Use and Disclosure Policy Resource Compendium
  • Information Breach Policy – MP 135/20
  • Information Management Governance Policy – MP 0152/21
  • Information Quality Policy – MP 0178/23


Research Policy Framework

For more information on research governance, please visit the Research Governance Service’s Framework page and Help Wiki.


Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Procedures

For more information on Ethics governance and procedures, please see the Department of Health’s HREC resources.