Dataset Information

This page contains information about the core Health datasets available through Data Linkage Services, including Data Dictionaries and Data Quality Statements.

Data Dictionaries provide information about the fields available in a given dataset including field definitions, permitted values, and guide for use of each field. Data Quality Statements provide information about the background history of a data collection, as well as information regarding the scope of data, type of data collected, and purpose of the data collection.

Variable lists may be found in the Application Forms section of this website. 

For general information on the data collections available through Data Linkage Services, please see the list of Available Datasets.

Materials on this page are available for download – please acknowledge Data Linkage Services and the WA Department of Health as a source where applicable.




Birth Registrations Birth Registrations Data Dictionary (Word Doc, 63KB)
Cancer Register Please contact for the latest version of the Cancer Register Data Dictionary.
Cause of Death
Unit Record File (COD URF)
COD URF File User Guide (PDF, 531KB)

Note: please cross reference the fields in the User Guide with those available on the Data Linkage Services Variable COD URF list.

Death Registrations Mortality Data Variable Notes (Word Doc, 101KB)
Electoral Roll Electoral Roll Data Variables (Word Doc, 43KB)
Emergency Department
Data Collection (EDDC)
EDDC Data Specifications (PDF, 412KB)
EDDC Data Dictionary
 (PDF, 949KB)
Hospital Morbidity
Data Collection (HMDC)
Admitted Patient Activity Data Business Rules (PDF, 1.14MB)
HMDC Data Specifications
(PDF, 516KB)
HMDC Data Dictionary
(PDF, 928KB)
HMDC – ICD and DRG Versions (PDF, 120KB)
Clinical Coding Authority
 (external link)
Mental Health Information
Data Collection (MIND)
Mental Health Data Collection Research Data Dictionary (PDF, 4MB)
Mental Health Data Collection Data Specification (PDF, 952KB)
Midwives Notification System (MNS) Data dictionary and guidelines for use are found at the Midwives Notification System page.
WA Register of Developmental Abnormalities – Cerebral Palsy (WARDA-CP) WARDA-CP Coding Manual – CP and associated impairments (2018) (PDF, 146KB)
Child Development Service (CDS) CDS Data Reference Manual (Word, 420KB)


Data Quality

Emergency Department
Data Collection (EDDC)
Data Quality Statement (EDDC) (PDF, 177KB)
Hospital Morbidity
Data Collection (HMDC)
Data Quality Statement (HMDC) (Word Doc, 430KB)
Mental Health Information
Data Collection (MIND)
Data Quality Statement (MIND) (PDF, 128KB)
Midwives Notification
System (MNS)
Data Quality Statement (MNS) (Word Doc, 101KB)



Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) SEIFA 2021 data (external link)
SEIFA 2016 data (external link)
SEIFA 2011 data (external link)
SEIFA 2006 data (external link) 
SEIFA 2001 data (external link) 
SEIFA 1996 data (external link) 
Remoteness Area information Australian Statistical Geography Standard (external link)
SEIFA and Remoteness Area notes SEIFA and Remoteness Area Notes (Word Doc, 36KB)
Spectrum Spatial Reference Material MatchCodes and MatchScores (Word Doc, 29KB)