Prioritisation and Costing Framework

Charges for Data Linkage Services are outlined in the Prioritisation and Costing Framework (PDF, 363 KB).

This framework applies to all requests for WA Health system data, and is intended to provide all stakeholders with key information regarding the Department’s prioritisation and costing approach.

Significant resources are required to deliver data products and services, with the Department employing a highly skilled team of data engineers, system administrators, request coordinators and project officers to progress requests.

The prioritisation framework will be used by the Department to ensure all applications are assessed consistently with clear criteria used to inform decision making and actively manage demand for data services.

In recognition of the system-wide benefits of providing data services to generate evidence and inform service planning and policy, the Department does not recover the full costs of providing data linkage services.

Funds derived from these charges assist in supporting staff and equipment used for the on-going development of the WA Data Linkage System.